Past Events


In May 2017, Brooklyn Lace Guild was invited by the Yale Beinecke Library to participate in a full day event to study lace in conjunction with their exhibition "Text and Textiles." Held at the Yale Center for British Art, activities included viewing special collections objects such as pattern and sample books, a brief presentation on the history of lace accompanied by a selection of antique lace from the collection of Devon Thein, and an introductory bobbin lace workshop taught by Elena Kanagy-Loux.


Ratti Center Visit

Our members enjoyed a private viewing of ten exquisite pieces of lace from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the Ratti Center this past February. Objects included a 17th-century Italian needle lace panel narrating the story of Judith and Holofernes (pictured at left). More viewings to come soon!


St. Catherine's Day 

Tradition dictates that British lacemakers celebrate St. Catherine, the patron saint of lace, each November 25th. Festivities include drinking mead, eating cattern cakes, reciting lace tells, and candlestick jumping. This date also marks Candlemas, the date on which lacemakers would commence using candles while working over the dark winter months. In 2017, Brooklyn Lace Guild celebrated with a little party at the Textile Arts Center.


Spain Trip 2017

Several members of the Brooklyn Lace Guild attended a tour hosted by Mariña Regueiro in May 2017 to study a rare Spanish needle lace, Frisado de Valladolid. Frisado was made by the nuns of Santa Teresa of Avalon beginning in the 16th century and is distinguished by its looped stitches and by the use of gold, silver, and multichrome silk threads.